Arnie’s Bio
Have an extensive back ground in interior decorating with emphasis on color coordination and space planning. Attended art classes and workshops in local colleges and studios.
Have exhibited art pieces in local coffee shops, commercial offices and galleries. Have done commissions for clients homes and businesses.
 My technique for blending color and texture was developed from my sense and feeling for the surrounding environment and how it can translate to canvas. Music, lighting, and emotions play a huge part in allowing my creativity to develop and produce this type of introspective and abstract painting. My abstract art allows the viewer to interpret the work through their own feelings and emotions.
Commissions accepted. 
Sharon’s Bio
I have a long background in art starting with high school. I was an art major and learned to draw and paint  at a young age. I have taken many university  level and private training courses  throughout my life. I have had some excellent instructors. 
I studied portraiture  for several years and have mostly been a representational artist.
Recently have become exclusively interested in abstract art and that is what I have been doing. I love working with textures and color. I use graphite , acrylic paint and markers as well as water color and sometimes even pastels. I am very interested in collage as well.